Academic writing

Book contract (in progress)

Dismantling the Wall: addressing the Fragility of Australia’s Cities

With a formal book contract with Palgrave Macmillian, I am currently rewriting this thesis for a non-specialist or academic audience.

While broadly within the field of futurist Collapse Studies this strongly (wildly?) cross-disciplinary research encapsulates my interest in the intersections between energy, socio-technological complexity, urban resilience and social change.

I hope to stimulate wider social debate around the challenges posed by our belief in progress and socio-technological complexity as the panacea for all the challenges we currently face.

Book chapters

Richardson, A. & Mulligan, M. (2014) ‘Chapter 5: Beyond Oil Dependency ‘ in Mulligan, M. An Introduction to Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Personal Perspectives, Routledge, London (first and second editions)

Hillier, J, & Richardson, A. (2013) ‘The Integration of cultural heritage and urban regeneration in Melbourne’ in Leary, M. and McCarthy, J. (eds) Handbook of Urban Regeneration, Routledge

Refereed journal articles

Richardson, A. (2012) ‘A New World Ordure? Thoughts on the use of Humanure in Developed Cities‘, City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 16:6, 700-712

Short papers

Richardson, A. (2019) ‘Malthus as apocalyptic gamer?‘, 2019 ANZSEE Conference blog, New Economy Network Australia (NENA)

Richardson, A. (2018) ‘Australia imports almost all of its oil, and there are pitfalls all over the globe‘, The Conversation, 24/4/18,

Conference papers

Richardson, A. (2018) ‘She’ll Be Right’: Complexity, Energy, and the Urban Metabolism of a Fragile Melbourne’, Remaking Cities: Urban History, Planning History Conference, 31/1/18-2/2/18, RMIT University, Melbourne

Richardson, A., Pepperell, N. & Magee, L. (2016) ‘The Lucky Country vs. a Fierce Planet: Gamification and Simulation as Tools for Teaching Complex Social Theories of Sustainability’, Cities & Successful Societies: 2016 The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Conference, The Australian Catholic University, 28/11 – 1/12/16

Richardson, A., Magee, L. & Pepperell, N. (2015) ‘Fierce Planet: Sustainability Learning through Gaming and Simulation’, refocus + renew: The 2015 Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) Conference, Deakin University, Geelong, 21-23/10/15

Richardson, A. (2013) ‘The Buddha’s Last Words: Energy, simplicity and the resilience of urban systems’, The 2013 International Conference on Building Resilience: Individual, institutional and societal coping strategies to address the challenges associated with disaster risk, Heritance Ahungalla, Sri Lanka 17-19/9/13

Richardson, A. (2012) ‘The Buddha’s Last Words: some preliminary thoughts on energy, simplicity and the resilience of urban systems’, Towards A Research Partnership In Disaster Management And Resilience Symposium, 29/11/12, RMIT, Melbourne

Reports (Grey Literature)

Hayward, D. & Richardson, A. (2018) Victoria’s social economy: Social opportunity, economic growth, VCOSS and Future Social Service Institute, Melbourne,

Ollis, D., Harrison, L. and Richardson, A. (2012) Building Capacity in Sexuality Education: The Northern Bay College Experience, Report of the first phase of the Sexuality Education and Community Support (SECS) project, School of Education, Deakin University, Melbourne