Media Commentary

19 September 2019
Sky News, HINCH: short comment on Australia’s oil supply fragility

18 September 2019
ABC Radio: Why Australia could be left with no petrol

28 June 2019
ABC Radio: Australia’s Limited Fuel Security Revealed

Media contact

I am available for comment or discussion regarding urban resilience and risks, limits to growth, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), complexity theory and (the risks of) social collapse.

However, my particular areas of expertise are:

  1. Peak Oil and Australia’s fuel (in)security
    For further explanation of my work on this topic please see my Conversation piece ‘Australia imports almost all of its oil, and there are pitfalls all over the globe‘.

  2. The connections between Limits to Growth and the current popularity of apocalyptic games
    For further information on this aspect of my work, see my RMIT profile piece entitled ‘Can apocalyptic games prepare us for future sustainability threats?’

Please contact me through email: