An online panel on the implications of the pandemic…

Back in May I participated in an online panel (for the Melbourne PC Users Group) on the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A fascinating discussion – three ‘take aways’ for me:

  • the gender implications of the pandemic – it is most clearly (and negatively) impacting women, and in particular single mothers
  • how good would a Universal Basic Income be about now!
  • after 40 years of trying we still don’t have a vaccine for AIDS – we should not assume the situation will be any different for Covid19

The permanent Youtube link.

Back to the blog…

Things have been a little crazy, what with the collapse of our complex global systems and all, and I’ve been unable to do much writing recently.

But actually a lot has been happening in the meantime, including having this piece on the bushfires (as an example of systems collapse) published in The Conversation.

The response has been pretty amazing, TBH:

  • it’s been the third most read article published by an RMIT academic since Xmas last year
  • it was published by The Canberra Times, amongst other outlets
  • It has apparently been translated into Arabic
  • and most fun of all – it was picked up by a wonderful blog Informed Comment (by the US academic Juan Cole) which I used to read avidly back at the turn of the century…

I had a couple of radio interviews – the links coming soon…

Finally, I was invited to do a fascinating podcast with Bart Womack from Houston Texas. His company, Eden Grow Systems, is doing some really interesting things in terms of a modular food production system, and I will be talking more about both this model, and his podcasts, in a later post.